I began my creative life primarily as a poet. In recent years I have also become a watercolor painter. Poems and paintings are portals through which I negotiate the imagined,

on the one hand, and the real, on the other. Both traverse the boundary between the known and the unknown. 


In their differing ways, my poems and paintings return again and again to the archetypal subjects of love, loss, death, desire, beauty, and the ineffable in our lives. They are often pinned to the fact that I am a Welsh immigrant. My writing and painting are closely connected to the the haunting of the Welsh past — the history of my family and a deeper mythological past evoked by Welsh literature and visible in the landscape. The poems in my  most recent collection, Travelling on My Own Errands, Voices of Women from The Mabinogiare written from the point of view of six female characters in Welsh mythological tales first written down in the early 12th century. 


While most of my poems and paintings stand alone, at times I bring together the written and the visual by mounting poems and images together in a single frame.  One of my  poetry collections, Forged Light,  includes several paintings. Through such juxtaposition, my intent is to encourage an additional range of reverberation and response.