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Aegean Sea Oil on Canvas 16x20..jpeg


Art Exhibit


Intimate Worlds

September 14-October 7, 2023

The Elusie Gallery

43 Main Street

Old Town Hall

Easthampton, MA 

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 14, 5-8pm


“Rising Birds” chosen for Gallery A3’s Eighth Juried show, 2023


"Crossing Over,"  Stand (Volume 20, Fall 2022)

“This Moment,” Passager (Issue 73, Sept. 2022).

Received honorable mention in Passager 2022 poetry contest

“Outside My House a Tree,” “When Always Becomes Never,” “The Rope Holds the Red Kayak,” Shot Glass Journal (#37, June 2022)

“Supplication,” “Driving Back,” “What Happens,” “Document,” Doubly Mad (Vol 7, issue 9, 2022)

“Now,” *82 Review (10.1, 2022)

“Third Journey,” Agni (#92, 2021)

“The Angel Makes a Work of Art,” Poetry East (Nos 102 & 103, 2021)

“A Visitation Starts the Day,” The Comstock Review (Spring/ Summer 2021)

“A Morning and the Night Before,” “This Singular Hour,” Nine Mile Magazine

(Spring 2021 Vol 9 No 1)

“Cupbearer to the Gods,” “Late Service,” Worcester Review (Vol XLII, Nos 1 & 2, 2021)

“Pegmatite,” humana obscura (spring/summer 2021)

“Intimacy,” “Underground,” “A Blessing” Poem (no 24 2021)

“St. Bartholomew,” “Last Words of Saint Anthony of Padua” Imagining Vasalius, An
Ekphrastic, Scholarly and Literary Celebration of the 1543
De Humani Corpuris Fabrica
of Andreas Vesalius, ed. Richard Ratzan (2020)


Three Islands Oil on Paper 4x101_2.jpg
Liminal World Oil on Board 12x16.jpg


Review of Jeffrey Wainwright’s As Best We Can, Stand (Vol 19, No 2, 2021)

“On the Way to Jack’s House,” The Massachusetts Review (Fall 2020)

To schedule a poetry reading or an exhibition, or if interested in purchasing a painting or a book, please contact me:

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