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My family has been, in various ways, connected to the slate industry in Wales for centuries, and through this project I explore my Welsh background, immigrant experience, relationship to the Welsh landscape, and response to slate as a material. Some of the slate I use comes from Mynachlog Fawr, a 16th-18th-century farmhouse built from the ruins of the 12th-century Strata Florida Abbey in mid Wales; some is disused roofing slate from Vermont.  (The slate in Vermont and that in Wales have a common origin in the same geological slate belt.) The images on this website feature watercolor paintings embedded in repurposed, fashioned slate, as well as pieces engraved directly onto the stone. The majority of these works are inspired by the Welsh landscape and by Welsh and Celtic historical and cultural imagery, from prehistoric cromlechs to medieval tiles, from a quarryman’s hob-nail boots to mountainous vistas.

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